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A Simple Mood Tracker

App #6 of the Growth Bundle

Moody and the Growth Bundle were acquired by Reflectly ApS in 2020.

Moody let’s you track your moods and activities in a private journal with just a few taps. No typing required! Use Moody to learn about yourself, your actions and your behaviors.

Logging a mood gives you the option to also tag activities, triggers, a note, a photo, and even the weather. Moody’s journal feed contains a FILTER that will allow you to see only entries that contain a certain activity/trigger, mood, rating or weather. Moody’s powerful summary page will give you a tally of moods, activities/triggers, ratings a more over a span of time (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days). Moody is a simple, fully customizable tool to help you learn more about yourself, your actions and your behaviors.