Hi! I’m *treebetty.

Treebetty creates tools and content for people striving to become their best-selves. Popular apps we’ve created include the Done Habit Tracker and Tally: The Anything Tracker. Treebetty, founded by Jenny Talavera, began its journey in Boston in late 90s and is now firmly rooted in the sun and surf of Ventura, CA.

Our first app was created in 2011 to appease a toddler with an obsession for zoo animals (especially ones that roar) and peek-a-boo games. Fast forward twelve years and 12 more kids apps, that toddler is now a teenager and we’re now creating apps to appease ourselves.

In 2016, we created an app to help a friend stop smoking. This experience was the catalyst for the second phase of our app journey, creating apps the help us become our best selves. Our most recent creation is Horizons, an app that helps you visualize and track your goals.

About Jenny T.

2021 – Present | Ventura, CA

After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, moving to a new town, and a torn ACL, Jenny is back to full time mobile development. She’s currently focusing her efforts on treebetty’s latest app, Horizons. If Jenny is not working on Horizons, supporting its users, or writing a blog post, she’s most probably playing in the ocean.

2016 – 2021 | Encinitas -> Santa Barbara -> Los Angeles

When her son was 6, Jenny decided it was time to move on from kids apps. Her son was no longer interested in Peek-a-Boo apps and turns out, neither was she. While exploring other possibilities, she built an app for a friend who was trying to quit smoking. Inspiration took hold and within two years, she had created the Growth Bundle, a collection of apps for personal growth that included the popular habit tracker, DONE. In 2019, DONE was honored to be a part of Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp and was later featured in the App Store as an ‘App of the Day.’ In 2020, the Growth Bundle collection of apps, including Done, Tally, Grateful, Moody, Do and Last was acquired by Reflectly Aps.

2009 – 2016 | Encinitas, CA

Jenny began creating apps in 2009, just after the birth of her son. It was unfortunate timing because she no longer had any free time, but it was also a blessing, as she was inspired daily by the things he would do. Her first app was ‘Peek-a-Zoo.’ It took her well over a year of early mornings and late nights to complete because in addition to being a new mom, she was working during the day as a graphic designer. She also had no idea how to make an iPhone app. Luckily, there was Amazon. She bought a book and away she went. Peek-a-Zoo became part of a 4 app series that went on to be featured by Apple as ’New & Noteworthy’ and ’Best App for Kids 5 & Under.’ It was also during this time that she started surfing (very badly).

Before 2009 |  East Coast -> Berkeley, CA

Jenny was born and raised in West Virginia. This surprises her also. Her creative journey began over 20 years ago in metro Boston as a then-software person. Fiercely middle-brained, Jenny’s liberation came in finding a way to merge her equally left and right brain tendencies through graphic design, web development and now mobile app development. Jenny received a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University’s College of Engineering and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

A Day in the Office

Surfing or thinking about Surfing