*treebetty strives to make digital (and some physical) products that inspire discovery.

tbda_headshotOur first app was created in 2011, by a mother/designer/ developer, to appease a toddler with an obsession for zoo animals (especially ones that roar) and peek-a-boo games. After countless evenings of quacking, barking, meowing and neighing (sometimes while popping out from behind furniture), the idea for our first app was born. Since then we've continued to craft digital discoveries for young children. That toddler will soon be entering kindergarten, but we still seem to have an obsession with zoo animals.

What we believe in:

We think kids apps can be a wonderful tool for learning, play and discovery. We also think there are a lot of kids' apps out there that contain many things that aren't so wonderful. Therefore, we've created these guidelines for ourselves and for you, so you can know what to expect from all of our apps.

1. A safe, frustration free environment for you and your kids.

That's why our apps do not contain banner ads or in app purchases accessible to kids. We don't have links to social media. We put app settings and other tidbits behind a protected 'parent gate' so your child can focus on what's interesting.

2. An experience for both you and your child.

No annoying sounds or music. No ugly graphics. We strive for both simplicity and beauty in everything we create. For your child. And for you.

3. Smiles all around.

Our goal is to create apps that spark the imagination and empower kids with a sense of discovery. In short, we want to make your kids smile, which, we hope, will in turn make you smile.