I'm excited to announce the newest addition to our Infant Eggs Series, Infant Faces, is now available in the App Store!

Similar in idea and function as the Infant Zoo, but instead of a menagerie of adorable, high-contrast animals, Infant Faces contains a collection of high-contrast human faces doing a variety of things a baby might find amusing like blowing bubbles, sneezing, burping, and laughing. Why Infant Faces? There's no question, Infants are fascinated faces. Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth cause infants to stare, and eventually, to touch... {read more.}


Here's a little tidbit of a new app in the works. Think clowns, trumpets, and strong men! If all goes well, look for our newest app this summer.


What inspired me to start making apps?

A few months ago I as asked by littleelit.com, a great blog about incorporation of new media into library collections, to write a guest post. Thought it might be interesting to repost here in case you were wondering what inspired me to start making apps.

Here's the article: http://littleelit.com/2014/03/21/the-next-one-should-be-a-tiger-thoughts-from-a-kids-app-developer-by-jenny-talavera/. {read more.}


Peek-a-Zoo Update Update

I'm excited (and relieved) to report that our Peek-a-Zoo update is finally finished and all 9 (paid and free) apps have been submitted to the App Store.

This update should be hitting your iPhones/iPads in the next week. Here are some things to look for in the new update: Bug Fix: Some users wrote to us telling us that the Peek-a-Zoo reacted strangely when their child would hit more than one button at the same time (in ‘Meet the Animals’ mode). This would happen if the child would 'swipe' rather than tap deliberately on a... {read more.}


What’s treebetty?

Without fail, one of the first questions I get when I give someone my business card or email address is 'What's treebetty?" I'm always tempted to say, 'oh that's my mother's maiden name' or 'that's the town where I grew up in West Virginia' but I can never bring myself to tell even the smallest fib and so I usually say "Oh - it's a long story" in some vague hope that they don't really have the time for a long explanation. And of course, they always do have time and so I take a deep breath and begin as I am about to now...

So travel with me back to 1996. Back to a time of Netscape Gold and the early days of the web. Back then, I was two years out of college and living in Boston's Back Bay. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends was go to my local cafe and will the time away with a good book or the newspaper. One Saturday in particular, I was... {read more.}