Infant Faces: Now in the App Store!

I'm excited to announce the newest addition to our Infant Eggs Series, Infant Faces, is now available in the App Store!

Similar in idea and function as the Infant Zoo, but instead of a menagerie of adorable, high-contrast animals, Infant Faces contains a collection of high-contrast human faces doing a variety of things a baby might find amusing like blowing bubbles, sneezing, burping, and laughing.

Why Infant Faces? There's no question, Infants are fascinated faces. Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth cause infants to stare, and eventually, to touch and grasp. As Michael Frank, a brain and cognitive sciences researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says "Babies are hardwired to recognize faces, which helps them connect with their caregiver early on." When my son was an infant, he was completely enamored with a book my sister had given us, which is a simple collection of photographs of baby's faces. He would be completely mesmerized as I would show him the different faces and as he got older, he would actually choose this book from a wide assortment of what I had thought were more 'appealing' books, and look at it with the same intensity. Now, he's almost 5 years old and I actually see him looking at it from time to time, almost like he's visiting old friends.